Instagram Challenge!

We’ve been invited to do an Instagram challenge for the month of October! The only catch was that neither of us had an instagram account. Nor did we know anything more about it than that it involved posting pictures. Turns out that’s about all you need to know.

So we’ve created an Instagram account for our blog to post our goings on when we’re too busy or simply too lazy to post a full blog post. Check out our new Instagram for A&W’s Not So Reliable Guide to Life by searching @AWsNotSoReliableGuide. Because, you know, we need followers.

If you are interested in doing the same challenge with us, you have a chance to win a handmade sign from the blog Saltwater and Sawdust! It’s a pretty nifty blog, especially if you’re a DIYer like the author. The fact that it’s written by W‘s mom makes it even cooler because the apple didn’t fall far from the awesomeness tree.

If you are already on Instagram, this challenge is an easy one with a chance to win a great sign for posting the best photo of the month. The only rules are that you have to use the hashtag #SandSphotoaday and tag the hosting blog @SaltwaterAndSawdust in your photo. Give the blog a visit for the full challenge description.

The challenge has a good set of photos to capture, too! Don’t worry if you’ve already missed the first few days–you can add a few photos to catch up like we did.


For Day 1 – Out and About, we were traveling to see A‘s family. So we posted a picture of the last time we were out and about in Galveston at MOD Coffeeshop, where we listened to a few live performers.


For Day 2 – Family/Friends, we posted a photo of our beautiful orange tabby Auttie. She had a new tunnel and was smitten with it!


For Day 3 – Vintage, we are posting a photo of W‘s 1930s Corona typewriter. W was well on her way to decorating her entire apartment in antiques and skipping forty years to the grandma phase of life before A revived her style and helped her part with a few of the less functional pieces. This piece, however, made the cut and adorns our built-in bookcase.


If you want to join us on the challenge, head over to Saltwater and Sawdust to read more and follow our Instagram at @AWsNotSoReliableGuide!

Seriously, we need followers. And advice. We have no idea what we’re doing.





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